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Flow Chart

Guide to Reporting an Incident

Step One
If you are worried a child has been abused because:

  • you have seen something
  • a child says they have been abused
  • somebody else has told you they are concerned
  • there has been an allegation against a member of staff
  • there has been an anonymous allegation
  • an adult has disclosed they are abusing a child
  • an adult has disclosed they were abused as a child
Step Two (within 24 hours)
Your organisation should have a policy for child protection.
Talk to the Lead Person for Child Protection or their Deputy.

Step Three
The Lead Person, Deputy (or anyone else if not available) should refer the concern to Children's Social Services and/or the police (in an emergency) and follow up the referral in writing within 24 hours**.

Important Notes
**In cases of allegations against a person with a "duty of care", the Local Authority Designated Officer will coordinate the next procedural steps.
In all three steps individuals should Consult, Monitor and Record details (dated and signed)
Any consultation should not delay a referral. In an emergency dial 999



Important Contact Numbers
  • If you think it is an emergency always dial 999.
  • NSPCC Child Protection dial 0808 800 5000.
  • ChildLine dial 0800 1111.
  • For routine enquiries, support and best practice guidance call the SAFE community interest company on 01379 871091.
  • Visit the CEOP Website Click Here (Child Exploitation Online Protection Service). 
  • Search for your Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) on your regional local authority's website or for a full list Click Here.
















What to Say

When reporting an incident to the police or children's social care services make sure you say:

“I wish to make a Child Protection referral”

Make sure you follow up your referral by:
  • making a factual record of what concerned you: timed, signed and dated
  • confirming it to children’s social care services in writing.
In an emergency, do not delay - DIAL 999






Call 01379 871091



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